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About Otlob.com

Otlob.com your ultimate food Ordering Service
We really are getting just super technological, we should all be proud of having a site called Otlob.com.
It’s  a free online food ordering portal through which orders can be placed to most restaurants in Cairo, Alexandria, El Mansoura, Luxor, Tanta, Asyut, Port said and Hurghada.  It is, simply, an expanded food court…the ultimate one-stop-shop, brought straight to your door.  The service is perfectly suited to any situation; casual home dining, unexpected drop-ins and the proverbial couch potato with just enough energy to reach for a laptop.

Once inside the website, your first task is to click on your neighborhood, clearly indicated on a large interactive flash map. For Example, if you live in Zamalek or Heliopolis, you would click the corresponding section on the map. Every conceivable restaurant chain and independent eatery is present on Otlob.com like ( KFC, Pizza Hut, MacDonald’s, Hardees, Chili''s , Abou El Sid, Cook Door, Maison Thomas, Mo'men, Fuddruckers, Makani and much more even Falafilo, Arzak & 3al Kahwa) you will find them on Otlob.com  this is like fifteen or twenty food courts put together!  Detailed menus are posted, complete with images, descriptions and prices.  Items from different restaurants can be placed simultaneously in one order, via a user-friendly ordering engine, and the best thing about that you don’t have to put your credit card number, you will pay on delivery without any extra fee.

Other useful features include advanced searches based on location, restaurant name, delivery time or even minimum charge.  Favorite orders allow you to pre- designate your best-loved items, thereby reducing future clicks by one or two. If you ever have reason to relocate to KSA, UAE or Bahrain, Otlob.com will serve you there. What can we say? Life's good! Thanks Otlob team


URL: www.otlob.com